Practical information for participants

The filming always takes place at the site where the deceased is buried – all kinds of sites apply.
The camera is then centred on the bereaved person or persons standing in the centre of the scene facing the camera. Participants are not instructed beforehand and decide for themselves where to position themselves in relation to the grave. The camera is turned on, and the camera operator walks off leaving the participant(s) in peace. Participants stand by the grave for 3-6 minutes and then leave the site. The camera operator returns about a minute later and turns off the camera.
  1. It takes about 45 minutes to make a video from start to finish.

  2. Participants are not given any instructions. They decide for themselves how and where to stand.

  3. Participants must face the camera.

  4. The camera operator starts recording then leaves.

  5. Participants stand by the grave for 3-6 minutes and then leave the site.

  6. The soundtrack is the original background noise from the site.

  7. The video will not be edited afterwards, but it may be necessary to record a new one because of external influences during the filming.

  8. The following information about the deceased is given in the beginning of each video: First name
    Last name
    Date of birth
    Birth place
    Date of death
    Cause of death

  9. Participants are anonymous.
The project will run over the next four years, and the videos will be exhibited around the world during and after the course of the project. A selection of the videos will be available on the Internet at
The Graveyard Project
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